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Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Features

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-01-11
1.Veterinary ultrasound scanner monitoring during pregnancy can find abortion, embryo absorption, etc., while estimating the number of baby;
2.B-ultrasound monitoring during the birth period can determine the vitality of the fetus and whether the fetus and the placenta are exhausted;
3.postpartum B-ultrasound monitoring can observe the recovery of the uterus, while diagnosis of endometritis, pyometra, effusion and other reproductive disorders.
Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Features
4.It can be used for the determination of back thickness and provide accurate data for breeding and quality identification of breeding pigs.
5.Providing an advanced technology for balanced breeding and controlling balanced production. The key to high productivity and high economic efficiency of modern intensive pig breeding is balanced production. The prerequisite for balanced production is balanced breeding. However, in actual production, the equilibrium production is often destroyed because the exact number of breeding sows is difficult to grasp.