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Pig Ultrasound Can Avoid Indirect Economic Losses

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-01-04
Pig ultrasound can avoid indirect economic losses: according to the 114-day gestation period of each sow, the annual production of piglets per pig is 2.3, if the sow is nonpregnant or suffering from reproductive disorders, it will affect the sow breeding The number, combined with the market, will inevitably cause greater losses. The application of B-ultrasound monitoring technology, in addition to early determination of sow empty pregnant, early scientific diagnosis of sow reproductive disorders (ovarian dysfunction or disease, uterine disease, stillbirth abortion and boar testicular, paragonads and other diseases) take measures such as treatment, eliminate or aphrodisiac to increase the productivity of sows and avoid economic losses.
Pig Ultrasound Can Avoid Indirect Economic Losses