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What is Doppler and Colour Doppler?

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-08-09
Doppler is used to measure movement in the animal such as blood flow. The Doppler Effect is the physical characteristic of the behaviour of ultrasound waves. If an ultrasound wave strikes a moving object, the resultant echo is of a different frequency.  If a wave strikes a static object, the wave comes back at the same frequency. This is called Doppler shift and this shift can be expressed as colour by an ultrasound machine.
I should probably explain more about the two different types of Doppler – Colour and Spectral Doppler. Basically, with Colour Doppler you can find things, whereas with spectral you can actually measure the flow.
Colour Doppler
Colour Doppler expresses the Doppler Shift as colour on your ultrasound screen and gives you an idea of flow velocity.
Directional Colour Doppler expresses the direction of flow in different colours and intensity of colours. It is used widely in cardiology and for vascular studies.