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The Principle Of Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-12-28
   Veterinary portable ultrasound scanner is to use the transducer (probe) to emit high-frequency ultrasonic waves through the piezoelectric effect to generate echo. The echo is transformed by the transducer into a high-frequency electrical signal and then transmitted to the host. A modern imaging diagnostic technique that reveals a sectional image of the tissue at the site of the exploration, which has the characteristics of living body detection and two-dimensional image. Early diagnosis of pregnancy is important in sow breeding. Strengthening management, enhancing the physical condition of pregnant sows, ensuring normal growth and development of the fetus, preventing early embryo death or miscarriage, and predicting the date of delivery and prenatal preparation are important measures to improve the reproductive rate of sows.
The Principle Of Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner