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The Operation Method Of Cattle Ultrasound In Cow Breeding Detection

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-11-23
It is already a mature technical means to do B-ultrasound examination for dairy cows. Now we will introduce some basic operation methods here.
1.First understand the breeding status and breeding records of cattle. The breeding days of adult cows should be greater than 30 days, and the breeding days of young cattle should be more than 25 days. For such cattle, we can carry out cattle ultrasound examination.
2.The cows stand in the cowshed and keep quiet, try to avoid the cows swinging back and forth.
3.The feces in the rectum of the cow is pulled out as much as possible to avoid the adverse effect of cow dung on the scanning imaging of the B-ultrasound probe.
The Operation Method Of Cattle Ultrasound In Cow Breeding Detection
4.While cleaning the feces in the rectum, the uterine horn and ovary in the position of the pelvic touch clearly, in order to help know the cattle ultrasound probe placed in a specific location. (find location)
5.When touching the position of the uterine horn and ovary, it is necessary to understand the developmental changes of the uterine horn and ovary on both sides, and initially determine which side of the uterus changes or the ovary is full, in order to know which side of the uterine horns was B-ultrasound probe placed. (fixed direction)
6.Put the B-ultrasound probe into the rectum and place it on the side of the uterine horn that we want to detect (the small bend of the uterine horn or the big bend), scan it, and get the image and judge the result.