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Preservation Of Semen In Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-11-19
1. When storing semen, pay attention to the type, number and date of collection of semen.
2. When taking and taking the semen, the tweezers or spoons of the semen should be pre-cooled beforehand, and then the bucket or semen should be mentioned to the neck of the liquid nitrogen tank, and the neck can not be exposed.
3, Take the semen should be steady, accurate, fast, the residence time in the neck can not exceed 15s, the semen extraction should be covered in time.
4. When transferring the storage container, the operation time from one container to another should not exceed 5s. Otherwise, it will affect the vitality and reduce the conception rate.
5, Pay attention to check the neck plug and neck small groove at any time, remove the ice on the neck plug in time, and can not place plastic cloth and other substances on the neck plug. 
When it is found that the liquid nitrogen consumption rate is too fast or there is water droplets around the neck of the liquid nitrogen tank, and hoarfrost appears, it indicates that the sealing of the liquid nitrogen tank is not good, and attention should be paid to adjusting the neck plug and the small gap of the neck plug.
6. When moving, pay attention to lightly and gently to prevent collision and squeezing. When moving, do not drag on the ground and lift it up.