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Inspection Of The Bull Reproductive System

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-11-16
Cattle ultrasound can be used to probe the bull reproductive system. Normal testes have moderate reflexivity and uniform structure. The epididymis head and tail are easier to confirm, but the epididymis and vas deferens are more difficult to confirm. The testicular size measured by ultrasound is related to the circumference, weight, and volume of the testis, but not to the circumference of the scrotum. Scanning the testis for 3 minutes with a 5.0 MHz probe does not cause damage.
Both calipers and ultrasound can be used to measure testicular length and width. However, the caliper is more convenient to use and the measured length is more accurate, so it is best to use a caliper only when measuring the length of the testicle.
Inspection Of The Bull Reproductive System
Rectal ultrasound exploration can be used to examine the accessory gonads to determine the anatomical relationship and organ size of each accessory gland.When the seminal vesiculitis occurs, the gland becomes large, and the normal lobular structure is lost. In the secretory glandular parenchyma with strong reflex ability, bright fibrous tissue appears. There are still many applications of ultrasound images in bulls, but there are few studies.