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Tianchi Ice Machine Ice Making Process

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-10-31
The ice machine power-on function switch is placed in "ice making". At this time, the controller's cabinet switch "CURTAIN" indicator lights up. First, the pump and drain solenoid valve are energized for 45 seconds (drainage time is set to 45 seconds) to eliminate the residual in the sink. Water to keep the ice water fresh and clean;
The hot gas valve is also energized during draining. After 45 seconds, the compressor starts and starts the condensing fan. (The condensing fan and the compressor use the same contactor to control a series of pressure switches in the main circuit of the condensing fan as the start and stop control of the condensing fan. When the pressure is higher than 1.72MPa, the condensing fan starts, the condensing fan stops when it is lower than 1.38MPa, the water pump and the drain valve are closed, and the water inlet solenoid valve is opened. The compressor keeps running during the whole ice making and collecting process.
Tianchi Ice Machine Ice Making Process
After the compressor is started for 5 seconds, the hot gas valve is closed, and the compressor starts the water pump after pre-cooling the ice chamber (evaporator) for 30 seconds. When the water in the water tank contacts the water level detector for 3 seconds (the water level detector is in contact with the water) The water level "WATER" indicator lights up or the water inlet valve is closed for 6 minutes.
Under the action of the water pump and the water separator, each small cell that flows evenly through the freezing chamber is frozen. As the water level of the ice cube falls, the water level "WATER" indicator light is extinguished, and then a water replenishment is performed to the water level detection. The device is in contact with water for 3 seconds to stop to ensure that there is enough water to make ice.