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Liquid Nitrogen Tank Use And Maintenance Methods

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-10-29
l. Before using the liquid nitrogen tank, a small amount of liquid nitrogen should be injected to pre-cool it. When the temperature in the tank reaches the liquid nitrogen temperature, it is filled with liquid nitrogen until it is full.
2, Should always check the neck plug and neck plug small ditch, timely remove the ice on the neck plug, can not place plastic cloth and other substances on the neck plug, increase the sealing, to ensure the performance of liquid nitrogen tank.
3, To take the semen to be stable, accurate, fast, the neck stay time can not exceed 15, 8, semen extraction should be covered in time. When transferring the bucket from one container to another, the operation time should not exceed 5 s. Otherwise, it will affect the vitality of the semen and reduce the conception rate.
4. The inner cavity of the liquid nitrogen tank should be cleaned once a year to prevent corrosion of the tank wall. Before washing, the liquid ammonia in the tank should be drained and parked indoors for 2 to 3 days. After preheating to room temperature, use a neutral detergent brush. Wash, rinse with water to clean the dry, the temperature of the cleaning solution and water is not more than 40 °C, to prevent overheating from affecting the performance of the tank.
5, Liquid nitrogen tanks should minimize the number of transportation and opening. If you need to transport it, you must use a rope to fix it on the car, keep it upright, and prevent it from falling, overturning and lying down, and try to prevent severe vibration.
6.The liquid nitrogen tank should be lightly handled to prevent collision and crushing. When moving, do not drag on the ground and lift it up. Always store in a dry, well-ventilated room to prevent moisture.
Liquid Nitrogen Tank Use And Maintenance Methods