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Bovine Ultrasound Determine The Fetus Sex

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-10-19
Based on the morphological differences in fetal gender, bovine ultrasound can be used to determine fetal gender. Specifically, gender determination can be made based on the fetus reproductive nodules or the scrotum and the breast.
Bovine Ultrasound Determine The Fetus Sex
During fetal differentiation, the reproductive nodules are displaced to the umbilical cord from the beginning of the hind leg in the male and in the female it is displaced to the tail. During the identification, the umbilicus, hind legs and tail area should be carefully examined to confirm the marked parts such as the head, the beating heart and the umbilical cord. The best time to identify is 50 to 60 days after pregnancy. Identification can be done under production conditions, but requires considerable experience.