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TIANCHI Liquid Nitrogen Tank Type

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-10-15
TIANCHI Liquid nitrogen tank are divided into three types: transport liquid nitrogen tank, storage liquid nitrogen, and self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank.
1. Transport Liquid Nitrogen Tank
Transport tank mainly have special shock-proof design. In addition to static storage, they can also be used for transportation under the condition of filling liquid nitrogen, but should avoid severe collision and vibration; in addition, use a small amount of liquid nitrogen in short time and short distance. When it is stored in a thermos bottle or the like, it is necessary to cut a small groove of a toothpick-like size at the edge of the stopper so that the nitrogen gas can be safely discharged. The general models are: YDS-XB series.
TIANCHI Liquid Nitrogen Tank Type
2.Storage Liquid Nitrogen Tank
The storage tank is mainly used for static storage of indoor liquid nitrogen, and preserves experimental specimens such as bovine semen and tissue sheets. It is not suitable for long-distance transportation under working conditions; the general models are: YDS-X series.
TIANCHI Liquid Nitrogen Tank Type
3.Self-pressurized Liquid Nitrogen Tank
Product composition: infusion valve, deflation and pressure reducing valve, pressure increasing valve, double safety valve, pressure gauge, liquid level gauge, infusion tube, moving caster, container body; working principle: the inside of the container is provided with self-pressurizing device, which is The pressure is generated by a small amount of liquid nitrogen in the container, so that the container can discharge liquid nitrogen and is connected to other instruments that need to be cooled. The general models are: YDZ-X series.
TIANCHI Liquid Nitrogen Tank Type