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Technical Requirements Of B-ultrasound Diagnosis Technology

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-09-28
The application of veterinary B ultrasound scanner in dairy cows includes in vitro exploration, vaginal exploration and rectal exploration. None of the three were infected. For rectal exploration, the scanner should be within a sensible distance and on the side of the arm where the operator does not extend the rectum. During the exploration process, a short rectal probe is placed by hand in the rectum and the probe wafer surface is placed close to the uterus or ovary for probing. Preventive work should be done well. All feces in the rectum should be drained and the probe lubricated with lubricant before inserting the probe. In the vaginal exploration method, the probe should be slowly sent to the vagina, so that the probe reaches the lower part of the vagina, and then the probe angle is adjusted up and down, left and right, so as to clearly observe the ovary and the uterus.
Technical Requirements Of B-ultrasound Diagnosis Technology
Peripheral light is essential during the exploration process. When probing in a bright environment,cover the display with a cloth to produce an effective gray shadow effect.