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The Specific Operation Of Veterinary B-ultrasound Diagnostic Instrument

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-09-14
The veterinary B-ultrasound pregnancy diagnostic apparatus can eliminate the the sows empty pregnancy of middle and late stage.The specific operation steps are as follows:
First,equipment preparation:
1.Before use,you must carefully read the instruction manual and operate it strictly according to the requirements.
2.the current veterinary B ultrasound scanner is beginning to use the built-in power supply,you need to check the battery charging status before use.
3.After connecting the device probe to the body,it can be used.
The Specific Operation Of Veterinary B-ultrasound Diagnostic Instrument
Second,the actual operation:
1.Design a special form to record pregnancy tests.
2.When the pregnancy test is carried out by 2 people,1 hand-held inspection,1 person observes the inspection results and makes a record.
Third,the pregnancy test site:
1.Sows:Sows ventral end reciprocal 2nd pair of nipples to 3rd pair of nipples,and the sow's milk base is between 5-10 cm on the outside,and the visit is adjusted in the direction of the spine 45°.
2,Gilts:the sow ventral rear end of the 1-2 pairs of nipples,the sow milk base from the outside 5-10cm,to the direction of the face facing the spine 45°to adjust the visit.