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Veterinary X-ray Of Animal Kidney Stone Examination

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-08-31
When there are kidney stones in animals,there are many ways to treat them,but now there are percutaneous nephrolithotomy.Traditional percutaneous nephrolithotomy requires a combination of veterinary X-ray and veterinary B ultrasound scanner.The veterinary use X-ray positioning is accurate,the image is clearer than the veterinary B-ultrasound,and can monitor the residual stones in the operation.However, the veterinary X-ray can only provide a planar image and requires the injection of a contrast agent to display the collection system, which has certain risks for animals with impaired renal function. In addition, veterinary X-rays have radiation to diseased animals and operators, and need corresponding radiology treatment stations and related protective equipment, which limits the development of positioning techniques for kidney stones to some extent.