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D-mode Ultrasound Diagnosis

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-08-24
D-mode ultrasonic diagnosis method,also known as ultrasonic doppler exploration method,is a physical property that uses the object to change when the frequency of the sound wave changes during movement-called the doppler effect,smeared with a mixture of liquid paraffin and vaseline at the hairless soft abdominal wall above the last 1 pair ~ 2 pair of pig nipples.The ultrasound doppler detector probe is used to align the uterus direction,and the front and rear left and right are fan-shaped,when the emitted ultrasound encounters the pulsating maternal uterine artery,fetal heart and during fetal movement,fetal heart sounds,cord blood flow sounds,fetal movement sounds,and maternal uterine vascular blood flow sounds can be detected to generate various characteristic Doppler signals for pregnancy diagnosis.With the prolongation of pregnancy,the total accuracy and positive rate of ultrasound doppler diagnosis gradually increase.
D-mode Ultrasound Diagnosis
It has the advantages of simplicity,speed and high accuracy,and can be applied in production.Ultrasound doppler is a safe,non-invasive diagnostic method that detects directly on the skin and has no adverse effects on sows and fetuses.It is especially useful for diagnosing pregnancy.