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Data Determination Of Pig B Ultrasound

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-08-10
Backfat thickness measurement:
In ultrasound images:
Point a is the ultrasonic reflection spot that measures the interface between the mold and the skin.
Point b is the point of reflection of the interfascial fascia.
Point c is the point of reflection of the ocular muscle membrane.
Measuring the distance between the spot a and the spot c is the thickness of the pig back.
Eye muscle area measurement:the approximate elliptical eye muscle contour produced by the strong reflection of the ocular muscle sarcolemma in the ultrasound image.The elliptical short axis of the upper and lower boundaries is determined first,and then the elliptical long axis at both ends is determined,which is approximately elliptical.The approximate elliptical eye muscle area square centimeter value appears on the screen.
Point d is the reflected spot of the ocular muscle membrane or rib.
The difference between the reading spot c and the spot d during recording is the depth of the eye muscle.Using some software,the correction value of the 100 kg eye muscle area of the pig can be directly calculated.
Data Determination Of Pig B Ultrasound
Image and data storage processing:B ultrasonic has output interface,can connect image printer to print out image and data directly.The data can also be recorded or stored in camera according to the actual needs.In order to determine the accuracy and stability of pig backfat thickness and eye muscle area in vivo by veterinary ultrasound scanner,the measurement personnel need to practice repeatedly with the comparison of live body and carcass for a long time,in order to achieve a skillful and accurate effect.The correlation between the two determinators is also required to be more than 95% so that the errors will not be too great when taking turns.