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Liquid Nitrogen Container Instructions

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-08-07
       When transporting a liquid nitrogen container, maintain adequate ventilation and protect the unit from damage.
       Common sense
       Do not place these units in closed vehicles where the nitrogen gas that is continuously vented from unit can accumulate.
       Prevent spillage of liquids and damage to unit by securing it in the upright position so that it cannot be tipped over. Protect the unit from sever jolting and impact that could cause damage, especially to the vacuum seal.
       Keep container clean and dry
       Do not store it in wet, dirty areas. Moisture, animal waste, chemicals, strong cleaning agents and other substances which could promote corrosion should be removed promptly. Use water or mild detergent for cleaning and dry the surface thoroughly. Do not use strong alkaline or acid cleaners that could damage the finish and corrode the metal shell.