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Pigs Ultrasound Measuring Instrument

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-08-03
Pig back thickness and eye muscle area are directly related to pig lean meat rate.It is highly regarded as an important index parameter in pig genetic breeding and performance identification.Its accurate determination is of great significance.Simultaneous in vivo measurement of pig's back thickness and eye muscle area using an intuitive B-ultrasound image has the advantages of simple operation,rapid and accurate measurement,and no damage to pigs.
Measuring instrument
B-type ultrasonic scanner (B-ultrasound):B-type ultrasonic scanner (B-ultrasound)is using the transducer (probe) through the piezoelectric effect,emitting high-frequency ultrasonic waves to penetrate into the body tissue to produce echo,the echo can be received by the transducer and become a high frequency signal and transmitted to the host,a high-tech imaging diagnostic technique that the section image of the detected area is shown on the screen by amplification.The pig ultrasound can print a frozen image on the spot,and mark the measurement time,location,pig number,gender,etc.on the screen before printing,and automatically display the measured value.
Pigs Ultrasound Measuring Instrument
Probe mode:Because the measuring surface of the probe is a straight plane,and the measuring position of the pig back is irregular arc surface,in order to make the probe and the pig back close to each other,it is convenient for the ultrasonic wave to pass through, and a medium connection is needed in the middle.Here,a liquid bag or a soft plastic mold can be used.As an intermediate medium.