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How To Improve The Fecundity Of Sheep With B-ultrasound

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-07-27
Increasing the fecundity of sheep is of great significance for improving the efficiency of farmers' production of sheep.In general,the factors affecting the fecundity of sheep are:genetics,nutrition,temperature and age.Then,how does the sheep ultrasound to improve the reproductive capacity of sheep?
Improve the nutritional conditions of sheep,and carefully feeding and management.
The effects of dietary nutrient conditions on the fecundity of sheep are obvious.
How To Improve The Fecundity Of Sheep With B-ultrasound
To this end,grasping the fat of sheep all year round can not only make estrus neat,but also increase ovulation number.In order to increase ovulation and increase the rate of double lambs,we should adopt short-term superior feeding before breeding of sheep.At the same time,the nutritional level of the rams has an important influence on the conception rate and lambing rate,birth weight and weaning weight of sheep.Feeding the rams with compound feed, the conception rate and lambing rate of the ewes will be significantly improved, and the birth weight of the lambs will also increase significantly.