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Application range of veterinary B ultrasonic machine

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-07-13
B type ultrasonic machine is using the transducer (probe) through the piezoelectric effect,emitting high-frequency ultrasonic waves to penetrate into the body tissue to produce echo,the echo can be received by the transducer and become a high frequency signal and transmitted to the host,A high-tech imaging diagnostic technique that the section image of the detected area is shown on the screen by amplification.It is a high-tech method of observing the living body without any damage and stimulation,and it has become a helpful assistant for veterinary diagnostic activities and an essential monitoring instrument for live egg collection and embryo transfer.
Application range of veterinary B ultrasonic machine
It can be used for the early diagnosis of animal pregnancy,identification of follicle development,estrus,fetal count and gender;diagnosis of animal reproductive system diseases;detection of live animal backfat and eye muscle area and so on.To increase breeding efficiency in breeding farms,dairy farms,pig farms and breeding centers;increase production of milk and fetal;reduce empty pregnancy and occupied bar and feed wastage rates;promote balanced and full-fledged mating;to improve economic efficiency and management.