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Animal B Ultrasound In Canine Heart Filariasis And Foreign Body

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-07-06
1.Canine heart filariasis and cardiovascular disease
Canine heart filariasis is widely distributed in our country and is caused by parasitism of heartworm in the right ventricle and pulmonary artery.The atrioventricular septum,mitral stenosis,occlusion,interventricular septal defect,tricuspid valve,etc.are met in clinical practice,and are not well diagnosed.M-mode echocardiography and ultrasound Doppler detection techniques are one of the fast and effective methods.Most B-ultrasound instruments have the function of M-mode ultrasonography and can also make a diagnosis for this.
Animal B Ultrasound In Canine Heart Filariasis And Foreign Body
2.Gastrointestinal Foreign Body and Injured Foreign Body
Dogs are omnivores and are fun and playful.Inadvertent swallowing of such things as children's toys,glass balls,hair balls,nylon ropes,and tapes,etc.,causes gastrointestinal foreign bodies or even obstructions.It is not rare in clinical practice.Dogs eat bones and radishes.Occurrence of esophageal obstruction is often encountered,and it is necessary to judge the size,position,and traits of foreign bodies or obstructions.B-mode ultrasound can achieve this goal.Folding needles,bamboo sticks,glass,iron wire,etc.,after the transfer of the injury,are often encountered in the intermuscular,and it is of course helpful to use the B-ultrasound to determine the precise position before surgery.