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The Application Of Veterinary Ultrasonography In Dog Breeding

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-06-22
Monitoring of ovarian development with animal B ultrasound is in order to breed in time to improve the conception rate and increase the litter size.
The dog's ovary is very small,and the outer capsule and fat easily produce echo interference,when exploring,it needs to find the right position to observe carefully.The dog's ovarium looks like mulberry,located under the 3rd or 4th of lumbar vertebra,1cm-4cm after kidney,and the position of multiparity dog is more backward and downward.
The Application Of Veterinary Ultrasonography In Dog Breeding
On the 2nd or 3rd day after estrus,the ovaries that contains developmental follicles could be observed in B-ultrasonic images;the ovarian capsule with thin fat was clearly visible,the echo of the outer layer under the capsule was weak,and the central region had pattern strong echo;the follicles are showed as many round and non-echoic region on the periphery,with a maximum diameter of 13 mm.In the first and second stage of estrus(about 8 days after estrus),the follicles grew slowly,and the follicles increased rapidly in the third stage(about 10 to 15 days after estrus),and then stopped growing,was about to ovulate at this time,it was the best period for mating or artificial insemination.When the ovarian development is monitored by B ultrasound,the number of mature follicles can be calculated from multiple tangent plane,and when the mature follicles are too few (less than 5) or the number of follicles with synchronous growth is small,and the speed is slow,the gonadotropins can be used in an appropriate amount,so that ovarian development and ovulation are promoted,the conception rate is improved,and the litter size is increased.