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The Principle Of Preserving The Fidelity Of The Animal B Ultrasound Image

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-06-01
In order to increase the compression rate of the B-mode ultrasound image, we sometimes give up some image details or other less important contents, so the decoded image may not be exactly the same as the original image in the video coding of the animal B-ultrasound image. We often need to have information loss measures to describe the decoded image, compared to the original animal B ultrasound image deviation (or need to have a method of measuring image quality), these measures are commonly referred to as fidelity (fidelity) criteria. The commonly used criteria fall into two broad categories:
The Principle Of Preserving The Fidelity Of The Animal B Ultrasound Image
1.Objective fidelity criterion:when the amount of information lost can be expressed as a function of a coded input graph and a decoded output graph,it is called an objective fidelity based criterion.The two most commonly used criteria are related to the root mean square error between the input and output graphs.The other is related to the average force signal-to-noise ratio of compression and decompression.
2.Subjective fidelity criterion:this method is often used for viewing images.The criteria are synthesized from the evaluation of typical images by a carefully selected group of observers.