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Pregnancy Detection Method of Pet B Ultrasound

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-05-25
Baoding:dogs and cats keep quiet, stand or lie down naturally
Probe selection: 3.5 MHz or 5.0 MHz
Site of exploration: posterior ribs, margin of breast or 3-5 cm behind lower umbilical cord
Detection requirements:long-haired dogs need haircut;other generally do not need to shearing,only the hair will be separated,and can smear more coupling agent.
Pregnancy Detection Method of Pet B Ultrasound
Matters needing attention in pregnancy Test of Pet B Ultrasound:
1.Pregnancy uterus image cannot be detected in dogs before 23 days gestation
The date of first detection of pregnant uterus,fetus,fetal motility,body cavity and fetal heart in dogs was 24,30,40 and 48 days of gestation respectively.Cats can usually detect fetuses after 21 days of breeding.
2.Estimation of gestational age of dogs(GA)
Before 40 days of pregnancy,according to the maximum embryo sac diameter (GSD) or the length from the top of the head to the posterior buttocks(CRL),gestational age can be estimated by the following formula:GA=(6×GSD )+20 or GA=(3×CRL)+27.40 days after gestation,according to the maximum head diameter of the head(HD) or the maximum body cavity diameter(BD)at the level of the liver,gestational age can be estimated: GA=(15×HD)+20 or GA=(7×BD)+29,GA=(6×HD)+(3×BD)+30.
In the formula, the unit of length is cm and the unit of gestational age is d.