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Skills Of Using Animal B Ultrasound

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-05-11
With the development of pig raising scale and pig industry,animal B ultrasound has gradually entered the family of pig farmers.In the face of a scientific instrument,knowing how to use it is the most basic requirement,that is,the most routine inspection, which is very necessary.The following is the Tianchi animal B ultrasonic technology service personnel summed up the use of animal B ultrasound skills,so that you can understand more accurate,timely pig baby dynamics.
The sows with immature follicles can be observed by B-mode ultrasound,then people can adopt oestrus measures to make them synchronize estrus and try to mate simultaneously in the same week.The sows bred at the same time were transferred to the pregnant sow shed together, and the ovulatory test from the beginning of estrus was performed to find the best breeding period, and then the monitoring of the simultaneous early pregnancy was made 18 days after the mating, and the ear number, age,parity(initial mating),mating date,monitoring date, monitoring results, processing comments and notes,etc were recorded.
Skills Of Using Animal B Ultrasound
The sows with normal monitoring during pregnancy were transferred to the litter house about 100 days after mating for further observation and monitoring.All monitoring records are best entered into computer storage,statistics,analysis,and may be able to identify problems and epidemic hazards.For example,if the success rate of mating or stillbirth is significantly reduced or the abortion rate is significantly increased within a certain period of time,it is necessary to timely check whether the feeding management is appropriate,whether the feed quality is normal,whether the boar semen is up to standard,and whether there is parvovirus disease,swine fever and other epidemic hazards.