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Application of B type ultrasonic machine In Other Aspects

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-04-27
Ultrasound is also useful in monitoring the heart. In ultrasound images, you can see the beating of the heart and whether the heart valve is closed or not, and measure the normal heart size range, the thickness of the ventricular wall.Thus it provides reference data for diagnosis.B type ultrasonic machine can also be used to identify the fetal sex. The fetal reproductive nodules have a strong echo bilobular structure on the ultrasound images. The male fetal reproductive nodules are close to the caudal part of the umbilical cord and the female fetus is below the tail.Fetal age was estimated by measuring fetal heart rate, brain bone width and trunk diameter.Ultrasound is very effective in the diagnosis of herniation of intervertebral disc of the dog, dislocation of spinal cord and compression of spinal cord.B ultrasonic examination of the hip joint in dogs is used for examinating abnormal development of the joint. Inflammation and incomplete rupture of the tendon of the biceps arm are also common diseases in dogs, and B ultrasound has shown its superiority over X ray in the diagnosis of this kind of disease,and the accuracy is over 87%.Pancreatic disease is one of the most common diseases in dogs, and the accuracy of ultrasonic diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and other pancreatic diseases is more than 75%.
Application of B type ultrasonic machine In Other Aspects