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Application of B-ultrasound in Obstetrics

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-04-13
Ultrasound is mainly used for pregnancy examination in obstetrics. Nowadays, among the many methods of pregnancy examination in domestic animals, ultrasonic exploration has the characteristics of high accuracy, good reproducibility, simple method, safety and no side effects, so it has been paid more attention to.From 24 days on, the heart and its beating could be observed by B type ultrasonic machine, and its heart beat showed a low echo regular beat in the field of B-ultrasound.At the same time, the head, torso, and limbs of the fetus can also be observed.Between 30 and 35 days of pregnancy,people can distinguish skull, ribs and pelvis by B ultrasound. From 35 to 50d,people can see the development of all organs, especially large breeds of dogs. The fetal heart valve movement can also be observed.
Application of B-ultrasound in Obstetrics
At this stage, the diameter of the embryo cysts, the width of the skull, the body diameter, the length of the body and the femoral head can be measured.In the later stage of pregnancy, the diagnosis of fetal vitality by B-ultrasound is of great significance in practice, and it is very important to ensure the successful implementation of successful delivery or artificial laparotomy in female dogs.B-mode ultrasound is the most effective method for the diagnosis of pregnancy. In addition, B-mode ultrasound can also be used to detect early pregnancy. In the diagnosis of obstetrical diseases, B-ultrasound can accurately diagnose pyometra,retention of afterbirth,stillborn foetus,suppurative endometritis, ovarian cyst and so on.