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The Difference Between Animal B Ultrasound and Veterinary A Ultrasound

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-04-08
B ultrasound can judge the pregnant sows by seeing the image ,A ultrasound can only hear the sound to judge whether the sows are pregnant or not, which is easily affected by amniotic fluid and misjudged.Animal B ultrasound and veterinary A ultrasound which is better?According to the experience of related technicians, the accuracy of early pregnant sows detection by using B ultrasound or veterinary A ultrasound is not different as long as the users have rich experience.However, with the popularity of animal B ultrasound, we suggest using animal B ultrasound as much as possible.
The Difference Between Animal B Ultrasound and Veterinary A Ultrasound
Reason:For beginners,the animal b-ultrasound can detect pregnant sows more quickly and directly,reducing the cost of empty cup feed waste.Analysis from the principle:the diagnosis basic of animal B ultrasonic diagnostic instrument(referred to as B ultrasound) is the characteristics of the image, mainly by image shape, brightness, internal structure, boundary echo, echo population,the posterior condition of viscera and the features of surrounding tissues.Veterinary A ultrasound is linear images and diagnosied by amniotic fluid sound waves,the rate of misjudgment was relatively high.Animal B ultrasound has been widely used in modern pig farms.