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Liquid Nitrogen Tank Will Explode If It Is Not Used Properly

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-03-26
If the liquid nitrogen tank is used for a long time, if there is no regular maintenance, inspection and maintenance during the operation, there will be an unsafe hidden danger, which may cause an explosion accident.
When the liquid nitrogen tank is manipulated, if the exhaust valve is not open or open enough, the pressure of the inner cylinder rises after a long natural evaporation of liquid nitrogen. At this time, if there is no safety protection device, the pressure continues to rise, it is possible to lead to the original defects at the bottom of the turbocharger. Once the liquid nitrogen leaks into the interlayer space and vaporization, the interlayer pressure rises rapidly, which will lead to the explosion of the outer cylinder.
Liquid Nitrogen Tank Will Explode If It Is Not Used Properly
A part of liquid nitrogen tank operators did not undergo safety education, but only after their oral skills were instructed by the instructors, they went to work, and their safety quality and skills were poor.