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Monitoring Methods of Early Pregnancy

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-03-16
Monitoring Methods of Early Pregnancy
Animal pregnancy scan can directly observe the initial changes in the uterus at the beginning of pregnancy.The tested cow can be examined by rectum when standing freely. The whole uterus and ovary area can be observed by touching the front wall of the probe with the rectal wall.There is no need to touch the uterus and ovary with hand during the exploration and without any damage to the pregnant cattle. The exploration time is short and the accuracy is high.The image is clear and intuitive, when you see the dark area of the pregnant sac or fetal skeleton image, you can confirm the early pregnancy positive.Early pregnancy monitoring can be performed as early as 28 days after mating, and the accuracy of pregnancy monitoring at 32 days can reach 100%.
Monitoring Methods of Early Pregnancy
Benefit Analysis
B-ultrasound monitoring benefits:The economic and social benefits of early pregnancy monitoring are considerable.If 100 cows were monitored every year,30 parity per year would mating failure(Calculated at a pregnancy rate of 80% and per cow 1.5 births per year).Using these time can not only reduce 30 months of empty feeding time, but also can give birth to four more calves.Its economic benefits are considerable,and the indirect benefits include improving cattle production efficiency, timely detection of cattle disease and epidemic situation, and so on.This shows that its production and application of great value.