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Precautions of veterinary B ultrasound Scanner

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-03-09
1.The Safety Preparation Before The Operation Of The Animal B Ultrasonic Instrument
Checking whether the probe is connected well,and making sure no water, chemicals or other substances splashed on the instrument.During operation,pay attention to the main components of the instrument,and if there are any strange sound or smell should immediately stop using.It can not be used until the authorized engineer solves the problem.
2.Precautions in The Operation of The Veterinary B Ultrasonic Instrument
(1)During operation,don't pull and plug the probe in the boot state, protect the surface of the probe, prevent knock against, and apply coupling agent to the probe surface to ensure good contact between the tested animal and the probe.
(2)Keep an eye on the operation of the instrument. If the instrument fails, turn off the power immediately and pull out the power plug.
(3)The animals are forbidden to touch other electrical appliances during inspection.
(4)The vent of the instrument shall not be closed.
3.The Notes After The Operation of The Animal B Ultrasonic Instrument
(1)Turn off the power switch.
(2)The power plug must be pulled out from the power outlet.
(3)Cleaning instruments and probes.