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Diagnosis of Uterine and Ovarian Diseases by Veterinary B Ultrasound

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-03-02
Diagnosis of uterine disease and ovarian diseases in cows still adopt rectal examination.This method can only roughly determine the type of disease from the feeling, and in most cases is inaccurate.Because the judgment is inaccurate and the treatment method is not correct, some cows will lose their pregnant ability and be eliminated.Ultrasound machines can clearly see the shape and size of the diseased ovary and the size of the cyst cavity and the shape of the corpus luteum in the diagnosis of cow ovarian diseases. It can effectively reduce the elimination rate of cows.Increase the useful life of the cow.
Diagnosis of Uterine and Ovarian Diseases by Veterinary B Ultrasound
Veterinary ultrasound instrument has many advantages in the breeding of cows and the diagnosis of reproductive diseases, especially in the early pregnancy diagnosis, the diagnosis time is advanced to 30 days, the image is clear intuitive and reliable. It can effectively improve the efficiency of cow breeding.Therefore, B ultrasound will be widely used in the technical measures to ensure that cows are born once a year.