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Liquid Nitrogen Expansion And Contraction Experiment

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-02-26
Someone took an interesting experiment with liquid nitrogen, first open the liquid nitrogen tank, pour a little liquid nitrogen, immediately above the experimental vessel rising from a layer of mist.
Liquid nitrogen temperature is very low, usually -196 ℃, liquid nitrogen poured out at room temperature began to boil, vaporization, showing a vast fog like a fairyland.
In order to verify the freezing effect of liquid nitrogen, he put a plastic tube into the liquid nitrogen and then come out, the plastic tube immediately frozen, a finger that is broken. Then, a big balloon and an iron hoop can be put into the liquid nitrogen, miracles appeared, the balloon reduced to the size of the apple, the iron ball can not go through the ring.
The reason for this phenomenon is that the liquid nitrogen temperature is very low, so that the object thermal expansion and contraction.