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Detection Site and Methods of Ultrasound in the Detection of Cows' Pregnancy

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-02-09
There are many ways to diagnose the pregnancy of dairy cows,but the accuracy of general way is not too high, and the requirement of the examiners' experience is very high.The pregnancy can be judged accurately at the earliest time by using animal B ultrasound to check the development of the pregnant sac in the uterus,thus reducing the empty pregnancy and improving the economic benefit of raising dairy cows.
1.Detecting Site of Veterinary B Ultrasound
The best way to detect pregnancy of cows by using b ultrasound is rectal examination.The probe of B ultrasound should be inserted into the uterus of the cow,because the uterus of the cow is located around the pelvic entrance,the probe is closer to the uterus, detection is clearer.If in vitro probing, then the best part - pubic bone is occupied by the cow's huge breasts, left for rumen, right for intestinal loop,buttocks with a thick muscle group,they are far from the uterus in early pregnancy. Therefore, the best site for probing can only be choosed in the vagina or rectum that near the uterus.In the middle and later periods of pregnancy, when the uterus droops close to the abdominal wall, select the side of the lower abdominal wall for detection.
Detection Site and Methods of Ultrasound in the Detection of Cows' Pregnancy
2.Methods of Testing Cows' Pregnancy by Using Veterinary B Ultrasound
First, let the cow stand naturally and clear the faeces in the rectum.Then daub the coupling agent in the probe of the animal B ultrasound, fasten the outside with a condom, and slowly send the probe into the rectum. Across the rectal wall,make a sector scan around the uterus area and you can see real-time images on B-ultrasound.
Timely diagnose whether pregnancy after mating,can implements the plan of prevent miscarriage and breeding as early as possible,the cow that isn't pregnant should be mated in time,this can improve the breeding rate of dairy cattle and make a great significance for increasing economic benefits for farms!