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How to View the Animal B Ultrasound Image Correctly

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-02-02
How to view the animal B ultrasonic image correctly?It needs a lot of skills to see the animal B ultrasound image, not only need to master the theoretical knowledge of the animal B-ultrasound, but also need to practice constantly.If you can do these,you will master and use the veterinary B-ultrasound flexibly, so that you can correctly judge the image.With the development of recent years, Tianchi Veterinary B ultrasound Company has made great progress in image processing, which has further improved the image resolution of B-ultrasound.
The method of image acquisition of B-mode ultrasound is that the analog image which is output by the video interface B-ultrasonic instrument collected for digital image. This can realize the transformation from the original analog machine to the digital machine. At the same time, the image editable property of B-mode ultrasound is realized.
How to View the Animal B Ultrasound Image Correctly
The necessary image editing and processing for the collected image signals are generally available in the following methods:
1.Enhancing image, which processes indistinguishable original image into the usable image of clear and rich in useful information.
2.Image de-noise processing, in the process of animal B-ultrasound image acquisition and conversion (such as imaging, copying, scanning, transmission and display) will produce some irregular random noise. This will affect the quality of the image. In order to reduce the noise and improve the image quality, the B-ultrasound image must be de-noised.
3.Pseudo-color processing. For a gray image, we need to transform it into a color image, which is common in medical image processing, so that we can improve the grayscale and level sense of the image.
4.Image edge detection, strong edge change is conducive to human vision to recognize the image, and digital image edge detection is the very important foundation of image segmentation, target area recognition,regional shape extraction and other image analysis fields.Of course, there are many other image processing methods.
Due to the use of computer analysis of digital biomedical images, image enhancement, smoothing, clearness, focus edge extraction and other image processing. The processed images are more beneficial to the accurate diagnosis of the veterinarian.