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Snowflake Ice Machine Routine Maintenance

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-01-10
1. Snowflake ice machine compressor (water shortage, excessive ice, power failure, etc.) downtime, can not be started continuously, at least five minutes after the restart, continuous start will damage the compressor.
2. Regularly check the inlet and outlet pipe joints, timely treatment of a small amount of leaking water.
3. Snowflake ice machine when not in use, unscrew the plastic drain connector on the back of the nut, drain tank of water inside the tank, dry with a dry cloth tank interior.
snowflake ice machine routine maintenance
4. When the ambient temperature drops below 0 ℃, the possibility of icing, drainage operations must be carried out, the water let go, otherwise it may cause the inlet pipe rupture.
5. In the ice machine cleaning, inspection and more than a week when not, you should unplug the power plug. Operation, the use of hand plugs, pull the power cord may not be.
6. Drains should be checked once or twice a year to prevent plugging.