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Application Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank In Animal Husbandry

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-01-02
Liquid nitrogen tank is an indispensable tool for animal husbandry improvement. It is a highly vacuum refrigerated container. Long-term storage of biological samples for indoor and liquid nitrogen users provides the best choice of 30 liters.
Take a 30 liter liquid nitrogen tank as an example, with a moderate volume and static conditions. With low loss of static liquid nitrogen evaporation, the use of more economical advantages. 30 liter liquid nitrogen tank main features:
Application of Liquid Nitrogen Tank in Animal Husbandry
● made of high-strength aluminum alloy, light weight products.
● According to user needs, can be equipped with a lockable container cover, to ensure that the container stored samples (diameter 50mm, 80mm ,125mm, 210mm) .
● Number of jars, identification of lunch boxes, and access to individually accessible samples.
● High vacuum multi-layer insulation plan, the supply of not less than five years of vacuum quality assurance
● After storage of liquid nitrogen should not be transported long distances.
In biological experiments, many experimental conditions and materials handling and preservation require extremely low temperature environments. Liquid nitrogen is one of the commonly used substances for supplying low temperature, and can be used for cryopreservation of cells and preservation of vaccines. With the continuous development of science and technology, liquid nitrogen is used more and more widely. It is also used in hospitals for cold therapy. It is also widely used in the performance research of metal materials and electronic instruments. As a result, liquid nitrogen tanks have become one of the commonly used cryogenic equipment in biochemistry and molecular biology laboratories.
Application of Liquid Nitrogen Tank in Animal Husbandry
From the structural point of view, mostly made of aluminum or stainless steel liquid nitrogen tank, divided into two layers, that is, liner and outer tank. The lining is usually a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, the neck is FRP, and the adsorbent is sandwiched between the neck and the bottom. There is an insulating material between the top and bottom slots. The top of the tank has a vacuum vent specifically designed for vacuuming to maintain the vacuum between the two tanks.