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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Making Process

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-12-25
Produce banana-flavored ice cream with liquid nitrogen, control the amount of pure water added, and determine the best recipe based on taste and appearance. With liquid nitrogen quick-frozen food, can generally be divided into liquid nitrogen leaching debt freezing, liquid nitrogen vapor blowing freeze and liquid nitrogen spray freezing three ways. The principle is the liquid nitrogen spray to food, liquid nitrogen absorbs latent heat oxidation, liquid nitrogen vapor sensible heat up, so that the instrument quickly frozen.
Liquid nitrogen ice cream making process
Raw materials and tools
Production of raw materials: milk, butter, sugar, pure water, fruit juice, bananas;
Tools: liquid nitrogen tank, liquid nitrogen insulation pot, liquid nitrogen stirrer [optional];
Raw materials: milk, cream, sugar, pure water, fruit juice, banana after mixing;
Making ice cream: The liquid nitrogen into the liquid nitrogen nitrogen tank insulation pot, and then transferred to the blender 5.5L stainless steel pot, plug in the power mixing will see a lot of white fog;
Appearance and taste: the appearance of no difference with the ordinary ice cream, but the taste is not the same, slippery and not greasy mixed ingredients do not add too much pure water, so as to avoid forming a crystal block;
Matters needing attention: Do not spill splash liquid to prevent frostbite when pouring liquid nitrogen;