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Refrigeration Machinery And Equipment-the Ice Machine

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-12-21
An ice machine is a type of refrigeration machinery that generates water by cooling water through an evaporator from a refrigerant in a refrigeration system. Currently on the market a lot of varieties of ice-making machines, the following types of ice-making machines to introduce to you about:
According to the shape of the ice making ice machine can be divided into:Tube ice machine, block ice machine, ice machine, ice machine and particle ice machine; According to the use of different functions, can be divided into edible ice machine and industrial ice machine.
Refrigeration machinery and equipment-the ice machine
In general, tube ice machine and particle ice machine ice is mainly produced to meet people's food needs, ice is relatively small, suitable for fast food restaurants and cold stores, and other ice machines such as ice machine, ice machine , Ice blocks and other manufactured ice larger than the main industrial use.
A wide variety of ice machines, made of ice clean and sanitary, and tough, good effect. Ice machines are widely used in coffee SHOP, hotels, bars, KTV nightclubs, fast food restaurants and other food places.
At present, there are many new ice machines in the market, which are efficient, energy saving and environmental friendly. Have been consumers and businesses have recognized.
With the development of science and technology, better and better ice machines will also be produced, guaranteeing the people's life and the related industrial production needs during the hot summer days.