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Liquid Nitrogen Tank To Be Cleaned After Use

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-12-18
After liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank is volatilized, the remaining missing substances (such as frozen sperm) rapidly melt and become liquid substances attached to the inner liner, causing corrosion to the aluminum alloy liner. If the cavity is formed, the tank will be scrapped, so it is very necessary for the liquid nitrogen tank to be depleted after the liquid tank is refreshed.
Liquid Nitrogen Tank To Be Cleaned After Use
Specific cleaning methods are as follows: First, remove the canned liquid nitrogen tank, remove the liquid nitrogen, placed 2-3 days until the tank temperature rose to about 0℃, then pour about 30℃ warm water, scrub with cloth.
If it is found that some molten material sticks to the bottom of the liner, be sure to clean it carefully. Then rinse several times with clean water, and then flip the liquid nitrogen tank, indoor safety should not stand up, naturally dry, or as described above with a blower to dry.
Note: In the entire washing process, the action should be gentle, water temperature can not exceed 40 ℃, the total weight should not exceed 2 kg is appropriate.