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How To Eliminate The Percussive Sound Of Ice Machine

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-12-06
Part of the ice machine, the boot or shutdown process, tend to have a lasting ten seconds of metal percussion sound, especially in the dead of night, it sounds upsetting, this time is not long percussion, and Does not affect the normal operation of the compressor and cooling effect.
Ice machine compressor motor is sealed in the metal casing, in order to reduce vibration and noise in the refrigerator running, the compressor and the metal shell of the smell of the fixed use of flexible suspension, and the entire compressor and the box fixed Ring groove rubber cushion to shock, because the annular groove than the compressor metal shell fixed foot width is much wider.

The vibration generated when starting or stopping the entire unit left and right swing, causing the upper part of the movement and the inner wall of the metal shell continuous knocking produce percussion sound, to find a few slightly larger than the inner diameter of the compressor housing bottom mounting bolts diameter flat washers , The rubber pad annular groove and the compressor housing the foot of the remaining space between the mat, not to swing too much amplitude, this percussion can be eliminated.