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How Long Is liquid Nitrogen Storage In Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-12-04
How long do liquid nitrogen tanks store liquid nitrogen? This should be the person using liquid nitrogen storage tank of liquid nitrogen want to know the problem, because some people do not know the liquid nitrogen storage time ,irreparable damage that may occur.
How Long Is liquid Nitrogen Storage In Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
This and your liquid nitrogen tank insulation has a lot to do, because liquid nitrogen evaporates every day, through the safety valve discharge, of course, if you use gas will not be discharged. The gasification of dewar tank every day is about four percent, the gasification of tianchi storage tank is about one percent to two per day. Another specific look at the evaporation rate of your tank, liquid nitrogen will slowly vaporize during storage, when you use less than the amount of storage tank pressure will slowly increase, when set to rise to the tank to withstand the pressure value , the safety valve will automatically jump emissions.
So these are the factors which affect the time of storing liquid nitrogen. Therefore, it is hard to make a specific answer for how long liquid nitrogen tank is used to store liquid nitrogen.