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Veterinary B Ultrasound Pregnancy Test Instrument Repair Methods

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-12-01
Animal B ultrasound is a pregnancy test using the principles of sensors and maps to achieve the goal of pregnancy-testing medical equipment and is a more commonly used facility in farms. As a result, pregnancy testing instruments experience some failure over time that, if not repaired in time, will delay project staff and extend space-time detection to detect and make up time. Therefore, it is necessary to study the common faults and maintenance methods of veterinary B testing instruments.
 Veterinary B Ultrasound Pregnancy Test Instrument Repair Methods
Common malfunctions:
Common faults: The power adapter light is off
Maintenance: If you find this fault, you need to check the B-test equipment power supply, found that the power is plugged in, but the power adapter light is not lit, then check the adapter power cord to confirm the plug damage, plug the problem of skew or poor contact If yes, repair the power cord and plug it in.
Common Fault 2: The main power light is off
Maintenance methods: Check the animal B ultrasound pregnancy tester host power plug and socket in good contact.
Common faults 3: Intermittent interference with the display and snow-like interference
Maintenance method1:
1, check veterinary B adapter power supply is subject to interference from other devices.
2, check the animals around the B ultrasound environment or magnetic field.
3, check the contact between the probe and the host is good.
Common fault four: display image is not clear
Maintenance method2:
1, check the B-type tester operating voltage, current value is within the rated range.
2, adjust the total gain of equipment.
3, adjust the screen brightness and contrast.