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Cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage tank 15L freezing equipment of cell and samples

Cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage tank 15L freezing equipment of cell and samples,with our professional manufacturers and suppliers here at Our factory is equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology at your service. Check the price and the quotation with us now.

Product Details
15 Litre liquid nitrogen storage container is mainly used for indoor static storage of liquid nitrogen, should not be used in the working state under the long-distance transport;its characteristic is long storage time,easy to carry, static liquid nitrogen evaporation losses low, and the use of economy.

The 15L liquid nitrogen storage tank is mainly used for the equipment for standing and storing liquid nitrogen in the room. It is not suitable for long-distance transportation and use under working conditions.
The commonly used storage liquid nitrogen tanks are YDS-15, YDS-20, YDS-30, YDS-35 and other models, due to different models, its size, volume, storage capacity is not the same.
Liquid Nitrogen Container Structure

Product packaging:
1.Export standard packaging;
2.Strong carton packaging;
3.Foam packaging,belt on the carton ,rainproof ,Crack control.
One year standard warranty and five years vacuum warranty
Liquid nitrogen filling container with remote monitor (YDS series) 

After-sale service:
1. The company provides a free warranty for one year (except for man-made failures) and provides maintenance services for life;
2. The specific maintenance of the product is done by the company in collaboration with the factory department;
3. The company promises to respond to any customer request for service within 1 working day.
Now our products have been supplied to many country such as USA, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, U.A.E, Saudi, Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Holland France and Spain. In Africa we supplied to Kenya, Egypt, Senegal, South Africa. In South America we supplied Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru Chile etc. All the user get a thought that the liquid nitrogen containers supplied by Tian Chi is with very good performance but very reasonable price.

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